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Kick Out At 2

Basic Series 58 Lana by Mattel


The Ravishing Russian

Recent weeks have shown Lana to be a lot more active in the ring. Her battles with Naomi have shown that she is clearly trying to push herself as a woman with skill. As entertaining as she is, I personally prefer her managerial role. Her career started on NXT in 2013. There have been some odd moments since then, but thankfully she has moved on to greater things. Seeing her introduce Rusev and be at ring side in her very professional business attire really sets the character apart. This figure, in particular, focuses on such a look, so let’s see if Mattel has pulled it off.

Blue Wicked

Straight off the bat, I love this look. It hits both sexy and classy, and 100% professional. The way she carries herself in it too (her walk and mannerisms) really hits home that she’s a powerful woman. Her skirt and top are made of a very soft plastic (both removable if you really tried) but what’s really impressive is also a negative. The negative is that her arms are painted Blue. So if you were to remove the jacket top she would have a skin tone torso, with Blue painted arms. Very odd. What’s so impressive is the fact that Mattel has managed to match the paint on the arms and the plastic of the top perfectly. It’s seamless. Or at least it is to me, and being able to do that keeps the consistency of the figure flowing. I also think they’ve managed to get her face scan well too. The detail of the buttons on her jacket and the sculpted necklace around her neck is also a very nice as well. Especially on a basic.

Blue Thunder

Unfortunately, there are some negatives about this figure too. As we mentioned above, the arms are painted Blue, and the torso is flesh colored. If you look at this figure side on, you can see the flesh tone around the gaps of the jacket. From a kid playing point of view, no big deal. Those of you who are action figure photographers are going to struggle to get a good photo from this angle. Another odd choice is her left hand. It’s open as if she were using the mic, but it’s glued shut (or at least mine was) so that a mic can’t actually fit in. I literally had to slice mine open so that she can hold a mic (as it’s a good look) but now her fingers are Blue and sharp looking! very frustrating. The final negative of this figure is her knees. I understand why Mattel cut them there (and appreciate it) but the joints make it look like she has the legs of a 70-year-old. Not very flattering at all.


Personally speaking, this is her best outing. She had a red skirt and top in a Battle pack release, but it just doesn’t look as good. And don’t even get me started on basic series 64! It does have some annoying niggles, but generally speaking she looks really good. I give this figure a…


Kick out at 2 Lana

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