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British Invasion Week 4 (RPW, PCW & EVE)


RPW Summer Sizzler

On August 17th RPW is set to hold one of the best wrestling events put on this year. ‘Summer Sizzler’ has so many big names lined up that it puts some of the larger PPVs to shame. Not only will there be Zack Sabre Jr Vs Chris Brookes, and Dalton Castle (who is fast becoming a regular on these shores) Vs (my own personal UK hero) Zack Gibson, but also Rey Mysterio Vs Marty Scurll! If those 3 matchups alone don’t sell you, nothing will. Head on over to RPW to find out how you can get tickets to this, & many more of their great events.

PCW Tower Slam (Free Show)

Yes, you read that correctly. PCW is putting on a FREE show in Blackpool on August 5th. Now you may be forgiven for thinking that it’s some kind of exhibition match but no, PCW is pulling no punches and is putting together an Eight Man tag-team main event! Ashton Smith, Bubblegum & The UK Hooligans will take on Iestyn Rees, Lionheart, Sha Samuels & T-Bone. This is such a huge opportunity to see some of the UKS biggest stars in action, and all for free! Excellent progressive thinking by the Preston promotion, and one that will hopefully open up the doors for more new and casual UK wrestling fans.

EVE but first, some Rebellion

EVE is a promotion I am very new to, but one I’m looking forward to seeing more of. Touted as ‘The UK’s premier feminist-punk-rock wrestling promotion‘, it was (as their website will tell you) founded and operated by Dann & Emily Read who since 2006 have continually played a major part in the popularity and increased exposure of the female professional wrestling scene. Their last PPV ‘EVE but first, some Rebellion’ took place in Greater London on July 15th & gained a lot of praise on social media. If you’d like to delve deeper check out this mini documentary on the promotion and be sure to come back for more as and when they return.


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