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British Invasion; Week 5 (FCP, PWP & Tyler Bate Figure)


FCP International Tekkers: Big Men. Big House

On July 28th, in a warehouse in Wolverhampton, FCP International will bring us a huge night of tag team action. Not only will we see Kyle Fletcher Vs. Mark Haskins in a singles match, but also three more tag team events too. One of which being British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. The World Warriors (Davey Richards, Low Ki & Travis Banks). The work and dedication these boys are putting in is something else, it’s only a matter of time before they hit the heights of The Bullet Club of nWo.

PWP Live In Taunton

If the above event doesn’t tickle your fancy, then this next show most definitely will. On the same night (just 2 hours south, in Taunton) PWP will be showcasing some ex WWE superstars. Not only will Carlito be on the card but so will ex Smackdown Simon Gotch. Both men are still to be set with an opponent, but with a roster like PWP has, they’re bound to put on a great match. Oh…did we also mention that Joey Ryan will be making an appearance too! the Lucha Underground legend (he is to me at least) is also without an opponent, but whoever it is, is surely in for a strange and sexy bout.

UK Exclusive Tyler Bate Figure

For the final news segment, I thought we would change it up a bit. SDCC has been and gone, and one of the highlights Mattel & Ringside Collectibles showcased was this Tyler Bate Figure. It’s not just any old figure either, it’s a UK exclusive. That’s right, finally, we Brits get the upper hand and the rest of the world will have to pay for crazy shipping prices. There is no detail on price or release date (as of the writing of this article) but I can guarantee it will be the top selling figure this side of the pond in 2017. Even if you’re not a fan of the wrestler, you’d be crazy to miss out on the first UK exclusive. Not only that, but it comes with the UK championship title too. A winner if ever I saw one. Keep heading back for more updates and eventually, a review.


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