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British Invasion; Week 9 (WWPN Special)


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We were recently invited to take part in an episode of the WWPN (Wrestling World Podcast Network) to discuss Wrestling Figure Collecting, Is Brock Lesnar best for business, How they would’ve booked Baron Corbin’s MITB cash in and heels of the WWE.

We were joined by another wrestling content creator Paddy and of course the very awesome host Jay

The video is below, with part 2 dropping soon. We highly recommend you subscribe to the channel and give both gents a follow. Jay and the rest of The WWPN are seriously versed in all things wrestling. Not only do they cover Raw, Smackdown, and NXT, but also RoH, NJPW & more. Technically sound, very professional and a genuine joy to listen to.  Please give them a follow, subscribe to their channel and tell them we say hi. They’re very well deserving of your support.

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Founding member (and manager of) That Wrestling Site. Covering the UK scene, interviews with indie wrestlers & WWE action figure reviews

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