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WWE Elite Series 46 John Cena by Mattel


The Cena Effect

It’s hard to ‘have a go’ at Cena. Not only does he do some amazing charity work (especially Make A Wish ) but he’s also a legitimate hero and role model for millions and millions of children worldwide. For us older fans (especially men) he’s annoying as hell! His moves & fights are so predictable. It’s not like he’s the man of 1000 moves. Worse still? he has a habit of burying talent (Yes, I’m still sore about Nexus). All this leads to the question of…well what’s the point of even trying. In his defense, he’s not exactly marketed towards us, but that doesn’t leave us less salty. Also, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care. The hate only fuels him, and that brings us back to him being a good role model. Super Cena indeed.

The Many Figures Of Cena

One thing Cena does do right (for us collectors at least) is a good action figure. Especially when it’s an Elite. There are literally hundreds of basic versions of him, and they only ever have the slightest of difference. Usually just a paint app. So in my humble opinion, stay away from them (unless you just collect Cena figures…and yes, those people do exist) The Elite counterparts, however, are awesome. They’re far from perfect, but the accessories make all the difference. Let’s take a look at this Elite series 46 version of him to see if these words hold true.

It’s All About Those Extras

An absolute must for any Cena figure (for me) is the baseball cap. He wears that thing 90% of the time, so having a removable baseball cap is essential with regards to accessories. It’s not just an iconic part of his look, but it’s also excellent for some action figure photography. Plenty poses can be recreated using it, and the fact that it is well detailed definitely adds to the all round aesthetic of it all. Other essential Cena items are wrist bands and dog tags. Although his wrist bands are painted on, he does come with a nicely detailed removable plastic one for his biceps. Which is a good touch. He also has his dog tags too. They are a little fiddly to remove (due to them being a none pliable plastic) but the way they are molded gives them a more flowing realistic look. Which is always appreciated. The let down for this figure is the detailing on his jorts and the ‘main accessory’.

He Comes With A What Now?

Why Mattel thought it would be a good idea to pack this figure with a giant  Red lifting weight is beyond me. Yes, he body builds, but I’m sure the vast majority of the main roster do too. It’s not like he’s especially known for it. Not only that, but it looks cheap and he can only hold it in one hand! Such a letdown. They could have quite easily packed in a cloth t-shirt or even one of those towels he has, and that would have not only suited better but also received better too. This is garbage. Speaking of garbage. I don’t understand why they put so much effort into painting his wristbands and boots…and then leave the entire belt (& buckle), Black. Much like The Undertaker from last month the legs of this figure (well, from wait to shins) just looks cheap and boring.  Even The Undertakers belt buckle was painted silver, and that’s a basic figure! A wasted opportunity on an all round decent looking figure.


It’s hard to give this a score. There are a fair few pros (mainly the good accessories) but the Black bland jorts and shoddy weight bug me more than the good stuff pleases me. For that, I’m going to give this a…


Elite 46 John Cena



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