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Gaining Heat with Lacey Lane


She’s Coming

The lady in question today has only been in the business for 18 months, but when you see the caliber of talent (which is a huge understatement, more like legit legends) that’s by her side, you know she’s on the right track. She’s only had 1 match (as of the writing of this article) but she has a killer look (something straight out of the Mortal Kombat universe) & a whole heap of potential. So, without further ado, I bring to you…

Lacey Lane

Gaining Heat Lacey

Name: Lacey Lane

Years in the business: A year and a half! (very new to the game)

What is your biggest / best accomplishment so far? Getting a WWE Tryout.

Who are your role models? The Dudleys, Jon Cruz and Jay Rios.

Where can fans most likely find you? Pro Wrestling 2.0, Ignite, Fest, AWA (Atlanta wrestling) and Platinum Pro

And what are your goals for the next few years? My aim is to just make a name for myself and to get back on track to my original goal, which is making it to a bigger platform.

If you want to get on board and say ‘I was there with her during her indie days!’ then make sure you stay up to date with her career and follow her on Twitter , and more importantly, all or any future shows she will be a part of. You definitely won’t be sorry.

As always, if you feel you know a female wrestler in need of some spotlight, let me know in the comments below, and we’ll hope to get in touch!

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