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Gaining Heat With Lady Chardonnay Darcy


A True Lady Of Wrestling

Last week we had the Irish ass kicking party animal, Session Moth a character you wouldn’t usually associate with lady like mannerisms. Well, to prove that such women exist (I.e. ass kickers with etiquette) we have a quick catch up with an actual lady. She may not have started out that way (teaming up with Bubblegum in NGW) but she’s sure as hell is now. So, for those (like me) not entirely up to speed with this UK wrestler, let me introduce you to…

Lady Chardonnay Darcy

Years in the business: 3

What are you biggest / best accomplishments so far? would have to say working for the WWE U.K. Tour as Adam Rose rose bud and receiving an invite to Stardom Japan which I will do later this year!

Who are your role models? The women in the WWE definitely stand out for me. People like Mighty Molly. Charlotte Flair and Trish Stratus are all influential.

Where can fans most likely find you? You can find me at NGW, Kamikaze Pro and Evolution Wrestling.

What are your goals for the next few years?  I would love to do a few Stardom tours, get on more top promotions in the UK & Europe e.g. OTT wrestling, Progress, WXW, German wrestling federation, and tour different countries like America too.

Gaining Heat Lady D Interview

My favorite part about these interviews is that it gives us a small inside into some amazing talent that we may not be aware of. And who wants to miss out on some good wrestling? The best way, of course, to find out more about Lady Darcy (and the other women on Gaining Heat) is to check out their live shows and follow them on Twitter. Lady Darcy can be found here, and as always if you feel a female wrestler deserve a spotlight, let me know in the comments below.

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