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Gaining Heat With Nicole Pain


The Dawning Of A New Era

There was a time when female wrestlers were, for the most part, nothing but eye candy. Most had talent, but only a few were able to shine. Fast forward to 2017 and female wrestlers play a prominent role in the squared circle. There is still a long way to go (like, for example, giving the WWE ladies multiple storylines and feuds etc) but generally speaking the women wrestlers of today (especially on the indie circuit) are kicking ass, taking names & pushing for bigger things.

Gaining Heat

The aim of this new segment is to showcase some of the talents in female wrestling. There are so many names out there, some of whom are new, and some of who have had years in the business…but most go unknown by the vast majority of fans (including myself) I’d like to help change that and open the door to a wider audience. How will I do this you ask? Simple. Interviews. That’s right, what better way to learn about a wrestler than to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth. So each week, I will sit down with indie stars and get the low down on who they are, where they wrestle and what they hope for the future.


Nicole Pain

Name My name is Nicole Stratton, but in the wrestling world, I am known by Nicole Pain.

Years in the business I’ve been wrestling for roughly two years now.

What are you biggest / best accomplishment so far? I don’t have one specific big accomplishment. Everything I do in wrestling is a goal I set. But if I had to pick the biggest moment I would say that it was being picked to take on Rebel For Freedom Pro Wrestling for the first ever women’s match. Also being Evolution Championship Wrestlings first ever women’s champion. Being the first to hold that belt was definitely a big moment.

Who are your role models? Lita has to be one of the biggest female role models I have. I would have to say Matt cross. too. But my biggest role model is my husband Lenny Stratton. He also wrestles and has motivated me and pushed me to succeed to be the best I can be.

Where can fans most likely find you? The best places to catch me are at Next Generation wrestling in Newport Tn, KFW in pigeon forge Tn, Anarchy Wrestling in GA and also Freedom Pro Wrestling in Nashville Tn.

And finally, what are your goals for the next few years? My upcoming goals are to hopefully be wrestling in Japan and to be picked for the Mae Young Classic.  


Make sure you follow Nicole here. And if you have a favorite female wrestler (from the indie scene) that you feel the world should know about, let me know in the comments below!



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