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One of the joys of doing these interviews is being able to introduce fresh talent to the world. There are so many promotions, with so much talent, the greater and wider our knowledge, the more we can experience. And who doesn’t want to live in a world of unlimited wrestling potential? What beats that, is when a wrestling fan introduces ME to raw new talent. Paddy, aka BobbyBWrasslin got in touch to tell me about one of his favorite indie wrestlers, and  I reached out to her to bring you her story. So today on ‘Gaining Heat’ i introduce you to…

Debbie Keitel

Years in the business: 7 months

What is your biggest/best accomplishment so far?  Wrestling the feminist icon Katey Harvey.

Who are your role models?  The attitude era was my childhood. When I watched wrestling as a kid I was obsessed with Chyna. I loved how strong she was and how she stood out amongst the other competitors. I loved her look and as a fellow powerlifter and bodybuilder, I apply a similar move set when I’m in the ring.

I was also a huge fan of Mankind. I loved his character and his unpredictability. I also have to mention X-Pac. If there was ever a wrestler I could watch over and over again, it’s him.

Where can fans most likely find you? FFPW, Uprising, CCW, OTT Contenders, MSW. Some UK promotions to be announced soon.

What are your goals for the next few years? My goal right now is to focus on becoming a well-rounded wrestler. I debuted back in May of this year and although I would never have imagined accomplishing so much in such little time, I’m still learning and plan on working very hard to improve my in-ring ability. I don’t think I will ever stop learning. By this time next year, I hope to be working more shows abroad.

Be sure to follow Debbie here and if you know of another female wrestler who deserves some spotlight, let me know in the comments below!

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