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Great Balls of Fire Recap and Reactions


Before we do anything, here are my predictions for Great Balls of Fire. 

Let’s tackle this show, match by match. The pre-show gave us Neville defending his Cruiserweight championship against Akira Tozawa, and this was a fantastic match. Neville, in his beard glory dishing out an absolute beating, and Tozawa was screaming like a maniac. Titus O’Neill was there yelling as well. This match was going at a pretty solid clip, right up until the super sudden finish, which was just Neville delivering a low blow to Tozawa to retain.

I’m so happy Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins was the first match on the show proper. This is the blandest match I could possibly imagine. This whole rivalry basically comes down to “I want to be on the video game cover! Never mind that I wasn’t part of the Shield and a two time World Champion, and a former Mr. Money In The Bank”. This was a much better match than the build up for it. Three times Seth Rollins attempted a suicide dive, and two times those attempts were thwarted by Wyatt.

It was a real back and forth affair, up until Bray Wyatt hit what had to be an incredibly stiff uranage. After a real quick flurry of punches from Rollins, Wyatt caught him in a Sister Abigail for the win.

Is WWE trying to kill me with this Enzo and Cass video package? Enzo Amore has been an absolute stud in this whole story. His promos have been better than ever. Enzo doing Cass’s part of the promo is perfect for his character. We all know it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog, and Enzo Amore is a small dog. Big Cass’s new entrance music is great. A surprising amount of this match was spent in the corner with Cass just screaming and beating the absolute snot out of Enzo. There was a spot where Cass military press slammed his former friend to the outside of the ring. The Certified G rolled back at at 9, and one big boot from Cass, and it was over. Big Cass stood victorious.

Here we go. 30 minutes. Cesaro and Matt Hardy start it, and it gets off quick with a quick tag and a Brogue kick to get the first fall. There was no moment in this match that wasn’t perfect. Cesaro and Sheamus were doing some magnificent heeling in this encounter. Matt Hardy got the holy Hell beat out of him tonight, he was in the match for what felt like the whole thing. He did some amazing things though. In particular with three minuted left, Matt Hardy delivered a Twist of Fatre from the top rope. That Twist of Fate led to a pinfall to tie it up at 3 each.

Pardon the pun, but this match set the bar for Iron Man matches to come. Cesaro saved a pin out of nowhere. So many quick tags were made by Cesaro and Shamus, and they took advantage of every one. Matt Hardy was even got some color. I don’t know if it was a capsule or the hard way, but he looked like Carrie standing on the ring apron, and Jeff tried to pin Cesaro with 2 seconds to go. Cesaro and Sheamus retain with a score of 4-3.

The Women’s Championship match was next, and how does Alexa Bliss get better and better every week? With one exception she has been one of the best parts of the week since she came up to the main roster. And she was absolutely dominant for most of this match. Bliss was the story of this match. She pulled out every little trick she has, including exploiting her being double jointed for a distraction. But, in the end, Alexa Bliss can’t beat Sasha Banks, and she knows it, which is why she got herself counted out. Banks wins but, Bliss retains.

After the match, Sasha Banks opened up a Stone Cold Steve Austin sized can of whoop ass on the champ, which culminated in double knees being delivered from the table to Bliss who was standing under the stage. She, also got busted open, right on the side of the lip.

Is there anybody who can tell me what is going on with the wardrobe of Bo Dallas? Straight up, he looks like a goober. The match got off to a hot start with Dallas, Axel and Maryse all stating on conflicting sides of the ring. It left Ambrose with no choice but to go after Curtis Axel, get back in the ring, and go after Bo Dallas, which was done masterfully.

This was the best match that Miz and Ambrose have had yet. At one point, Ambrose was on his knees and was getting the Daniel Bryan kicks, and right as Miz was about to deliver the last one, Ambrose, with a mouthful of blood, ducks and just smacks the taste of of the mouth of the Miz. He’s the closest thing the PG Era will get to a Rowdy Roddy Piper. In the end, the numbers got to be to much for Ambrose to hand on his own, and after a chaotic last few moments, with bodies flying all over the place. A Skull Crushing Finale put an end to this match. The Miz retains.

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman was the penultimate match. This was as brutal as promised, with both men doing some of their best work. Weapons did get introduced in the form of a steel chair, but after taking a few shots to the surgically repaired shoulder, Strowman just absorbed the shots like some sort of pain sponge. This match was absolute mayhem.

After battling up the ramp, Strowman literally got thrown through the LEDs on entrance. There was a a hole in the entrance the size of a trailer house. Not a double-wide, I am not here to exaggerate. He did, however eventually heel up and he stood in front of the open ambulance doors, and as Reigns attempted to spear Strowman inside, but just like a master bullfighter, Strowman moved and was able to close the doors on Reigns. Strowman wins. But, in the words of our winner Reigns wasn’t finished with him.

The post match happenings were absolutely ridiculous in the most fun way possible. Reigns gets out of the ambulance, and somehow gets Braun Strowman into the back of said ambulance. He drives it to the back, and proceeds to reverse the ambulance into a truck in the parking garage. Reigns walks off, looking really happy with himself. The fire department has to come, and use some sort of hydraulic pliers to open the door. After they do, a bloodied Strowman limps off, presumably to plot his revenge.

While all that was happening, there was a match between Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater. Slater won. Whatever.

Here we go. The main event. Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe came for a fight tonight. Before the bell even rang, Samoa Joe rained down upon Lesnar with a fists and knees, and eventually getting him outside the ringing through an announce table. Aside from a few Coquina Clutch’s, this was a typical Brock Lesnar match. Eight Germans, and one F5. Lesnar wins, despite a few times where it looked like Joe would take it. I wish this match was a little longer, but Lesnar comes out looking like a beast, and Samoa Joe comes out looking as tough as he ever has.

All in all, a really good show, and even that main event was fun for most of it. We saw all three members of The Shield lose in three separate singles matches. I don’t remember that ever happening before.

We also saw blood from Matt Hardy, Alexa Bliss, Dean Ambrose and Braun Strowman.  That’s all for tonight! I loved the show, let me know how you felt about it!

Videos courtesy of WWE’s YouTube channel.

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