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Exclusive UK Interview With Darryl Li (Jada Toys)


Jada Toys

Jada Toys has been producing a line of 4 Inch for cast metal figures for a while now. They have a fair few licenses (most notably Marvel & DC) and more importantly (for us) the WWE. I personally haven’t seen any on UK shelves yet, but the feedback I’ve read has generally been positive. Especially when referring to the Demon King Balor figure. Recently their line expanded with the introduction of Nano Metal figs. A smaller versions of WWE superstars past and present. I caught up with Darryl Li (the e-commerce manager for Jada Toys) for a quick run down on what to expect.

The Run Down

‘WWE Nano Metalfigs single packs which are available now with the 20 pack releasing next month. Currently, our Nano Metalfigs line is exclusive to Walmart for 97 cents. After August, the line will begin rolling out to Target & Toys R Us. Our UK distributor, Jazwares, will be taking care of this. They should begin rolling out after this month. Price point should be the same at 99p for the single packs once they’re made available everywhere.’

Final Thoughts

Despite them being die cast (which could be of some concern for parents with smaller children) at 99p each, you cannot go wrong. You’re never going to replicate the detail the 4inch figures have, but for the size (and price) these are excellent. There’s a decent enough variety (old superstars and current roster) for both young fans and old, and I can definitely see them on desks and in toy boxes of every aged wrestling fan.

If you’d like to see them being reviewed on Kick out at 2 then let me know in the comments below! And a big thank you to Darryl for your time.


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