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Being A John Cena Fan & The Free Agency


John Cena is possibly the most polarizing superstar in the WWE, you either love him or hate him with no in between. It is not easy to be a fan of John, whether it be because he is a “part-timer”, constantly everywhere on television, or because he seems to have everything he wants, people tend to hate on him, hard. Yes, he rarely ever puts over any other superstar, he can be a little hypocritical with his promos, and he is the baby face to end all baby faces, but is that a reason to hate him?

There are so many reasons to love this guy that you probably don’t even know about because you can’t see him through your hater shades. As a Cena fan, you are often asked: “why are you a fan of his?”  Then you are forced to defend your fandom, so I guess it is time to tell you why we love him. Here we go.

Just a few reasons to love John Cena

Cena loves the kids– With over 500 wishes granted for Make-a-Wish Foundation himself, it has been proven over and over again that Cena has a heart for organization and the kids that they help. “You think about John’s motto about never giving up, and you just think about what these kids are dealing with, They’re fighting for their lives. They’ve got a life-threatening medical condition and I think it resonates with them that they can’t give up. No matter what they’re going through, whether it’s surgeries, radiation or chemotherapy, they’re not giving up.” –Make-A-Wish President and CEO David Williams

He can take a real hit and keep working a match- July 27, 2015, Monday Night Raw, United States Championship match vs. Seth Rollins. You remember this right? It was only a mere few minutes into the match when Rollins accidentally broke Cena’s nose while competing for the WWE United States Championship title. Did you see a ref throw an X up and stop the match? No. Did you see Cena slow down at all? No. You have to admit, the man has worth ethic and serious heart.

Trash talker extraordinaire: If you say that you haven’t giggled at least once at a line during one of Cena’s promo’s, I will call you a liar to your face. Who can forget when he told WWE Diva Lita that when he shook her hand she gave him gonorrhea? Hilarious. John Cena has the ability to take a family friendly show and push the limits with what he says in the ring. Is that because he is “the face” of the WWE? Possibly. For whatever the reason it is that he gets away with it, I for one am glad that he can.

Having given you only a few reasons to love him, as a real fan of his, I can only hope that this has made you think about maybe cutting him a little slack.

What does this new free agency mean?

Free agency typically means you are not under contract for any specific team and you eligible to sign any contract but will that be what it means in the WWE? With rumors flying that this move to make John Cena a “free agent” is only a ploy to help raise ratings for the floundering Monday Night RAW, will it, in fact, be the first step to undoing the brand split? The show averaged 2.976 million viewers on June 26th, 2017, down from the previous week’s average of 3.102 million, according to fansided.com. This seems to be a continuing trend for the Monday night staple since the brand split. With Cena being a true Blue since he was drafted seventh overall in the Brand Extension, will his allegiance continue to remain to Smackdown Live or will he, in fact, be a contributing member of the RAW roster?

So many questions remain as to what this new development means and I guess we will only know when John Cena makes his long awaited return July 4th, in Phoenix on Smackdown Live. With Cena and possibly more WWE superstars becoming “free agents”, it will certainly make for an interesting time at this year’s SummerSlam and all the other big mixed brand pay per views, for that matter. The WWE is being very tight-lipped about how this will affect both brands, we will have to just wait and see.




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