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Lavar Ball and The Miz 6/26/17 Raw segment recap


The most talked about segment of this past weeks episode of Raw, was without a doubt, Miz T.V. featuring The Ball Family, Lonzo, LaMelo, and Lavar. Since Raw was being held in Los Angles, it was only right to have L.A.’s newest superstar Lonzo Ball make an apperance.

The segment started out just like any other normal Miz T.V. segment, he introduced Lavar and LaMelo Ball and we were featured to one of the strangest entrances in WWE history. Once Lavar had arrived to the ring, he introduced none other than the number 2 pick himself, Lonzo Ball.

Now with 3 members of the Ball family all in the ring with the Miz, chaos was for sure going to soon unfold. Things started to take a turn when The Miz mentioned a partnership with the “Big Baller Brand.” Lavar Ball shut this idea down saying that The Miz “Wasn’t on the level of the Ball family.” This sparked a fire under The Miz as he became angry with Lavar. Lavar countered The Miz by saying that Miz stood for “Misinterpreted Zone” and “Million Zippers.”

After a few more blows towards each other, Lavar Ball tells The Miz he is going to unleash on him. The Miz strikes back and tells Lavar to stop talking and prove himself or else because “Lavar is the hunter, and Miz is the prey.” This triggers The Miz to begin taking off his coat, preparing himself for a fight, Lavar follows in his footsteps and takes off his shirt, also prepared for a fight.


Before Lavar and Miz could begin fighting, cue Dean Ambrose’s music who announces he is now a sponsor of the Big Baller Brand, even sporting a BBB t-shirt. This ends the segment leading into a 6-man tag of Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater, and Rhyno vs. Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel.


Overall this was a very fun and entertaining segment and WWE will for sure have a big payoff as you can expect to see this all over social media and ESPN in the next coming days.

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