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WWE Series 2 Legends; Ravishing Rick Rude


The Ravishing One

Rick Rude has had an interesting career. Most noteworthy, he won the Intercontinental Championship. This is a belt that many legends have held throughout the years. On the opposite spectrum, he was voted ‘Most Hated Wrestler’ by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 1992. If that doesn’t scream diverse, I don’t know what does. In addition, he also had plenty of managerial experience and knowledge. The most notable team he has been behind (in their early days) was DX. For that, we say no more.

A True Role ‘Model’

The 2017 Hall of Fame champion had many rivalries in his time. Most notable was that he had with the Warrior. In 1990 they took part in a steel cage match. This figure represents that matchup  and Mattel has captured it perfectly. The garish in-ring attire, featuring the meme like drawing of his face on his crotch, is there for all to see. As is his questionable mustache and cocksure pout. Rick Rude had a very distinguishable look and Mattel has nailed it perfectly with this figure.

This particular figure came as a two pack. The second figure is that of The Ultimate Warriror. More impressively is that they both came packaged in an old school ring and Blue steel cage. This makes total sense when given the above information, and both items will be reviewed in the upcoming weeks. The ‘problem’ with that is, it misses out on its original accessories. The original release came with a trademark robe. Given that this came with a ring and cage, you can kind of see why they decided to not add the robe too. Unfortunate, but fair.


This is definitely a figure older fans will appreciate a lot. It looks just like him, and the articulation allows for some of his most famous poses. The only reason it may not appeal to a younger audience is purely down to recognition. If they get it with this set though, that opens up a whole new door and era for them to go down. An excellent figure, especially for us old timers.


Ravishing Rick rude

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