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Mattel WWE Basic Series 58; The Undertaker


Mattel’s basic series figures are always a little hit and miss. Sometimes they’re better than the elite versions of the wrestler, sometimes they’re god awful, and sometimes they’re a little bit in between. This basic series 58 is the latter.

From the waist up he looks amazing. I’ve always appreciated Mattel’s attention to detail when it comes to replicating tattoos, and when you have as many as The Undertaker you could see it being easier for the designers to just to give it the ‘effect’ of his tattoos. Thankfully for us, they put a lot of love and attention into this feature, and it definitely pays off.

Another plus to this figure is the face scan. ‘Taker is 52 years old and Mattel has given him a face that shows his years of experience in the ring. It might seem an obvious thing to do, but again, it’s a basic figure. The clue is in the name.

There is a flaw to this figure and it’s literally everything from the waist down. His pants look like bell bottoms with absolute minimum detail (some very light back pockets and a couple of very light creases) and it just looks really plain and drab. Completely black other than a hint of silver on his Belt buckle.

Despite this, it’s a really good outing for the Deadman (in basic form) so I’d give it a pretty fair 7/10

Basic Series 58 Undertaker

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