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Nostalgic Wrestling – WWF Royal Rumble 1991


Nostalgic Wrestling with The Pro Wrestling Junkie – 1991 WWF Royal Rumble

Each episode of Nostalgic Wrestling, The Pro Wrestling Junkie will discuss & review classic & memorable moments from shows & pay per views exploring the history of professional wrestling both in front of the camera & behind the curtain.

On this episode we discuss the WWF 1991 WWF ROYAL RUMBLE Pay Per View. America was at war in the Middle East and the battle was raging in the ring as reigning WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior defends his title & America against the American turn coat & Iraqi Sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter. The Rhodes family seeks revenge against Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase & his bodyguard Virgil. The Big Boss Man continues his rivarly against the Heenan Family. The Rockers deliver a high flying match against the Orient Express & so much more happens on this classic show.

Follow along as you watch on the network or plug in your VCR & pop in your VHS copy and let’s get ready to rumble !

About Pop Culture Junkie

Avid wrestling fan through the good times & the bad times since 1985. Consider me the encyclopedia of wrestling. Many fans know me as the Pop Culture Junkie from YouTube, but you may also call me the Pro Wrestling Junkie.

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  1. Awesome first episode , I’m hugely excited to see more.

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