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Post Fire RAW Starts Building To Summerslam.


I came into tonight’s RAW super pumped to see the fallout from Great Balls of Fire, and to see the build to Summerslam, and WWE did not disappoint!

We start this week off with Big Cass gloating about his victory over Enzo last night. We saw some still images from their match last night, and some video footage of Enzo being helped to the trainers room. After the footage, he went off about how nobody is bigger than he is. How nobody an look him in the eye, when to nobody’s surprise, Big Show came thundering down to the ring.They tussled a little bit, and Show eventually got Cass out of the ring.

I don’t know why we couldn’t get the Finn Balor vs Elias Samson match last night, but we got it tonight. It’s crazy to me that Samson is only 217 pounds. He looks so big, especially when he’s in the ring with the pocket-size Finn Balor. This was a very back and forth match. Balor would try to hit his normal offense, and The Drifter would always catch him. However, after Balor’s front dropkick, he was able to pick up the victory with the Coupè De Gracè. Side note, if WWE released a few Elias Samson songs on vinyl, I’d buy that.

After the match something interesting happened. The Hardyz came out, and as all three of them stood on the stage, Balor either did the “DELETE” motion, or sent them to the ring. Depending on what you want to believe. Personally, I believe in whimsy and that Balor deleted the still in the ring, Elias Samson.

The Hardyz didn’t just come out to hang out with their buddy. They gave a promo. A promo where the word “obsolete” was met with a monstrous pop. The building almost came down when Matt Hardy said “broken.” However the rarely seen Gallows and Anderson, were not having any of it. Matt Hardy took a lot of punishment here, and a lot of it to the dome. Gallows and Anderson eventually went over with a Magic Killer, but that just cleared the way for The Revival! Once again, they just assaulted Matt Hardy’s head. It looks like its happening guys!

I came into the Mizzies a little nervous, but it proved to be well worth it. It was a typical Miz TV segment, with Miz self congratulating, and disparaging whomever he wants. He gave out trophies to the Miztourage, and to Maryse, and finally himself before calling out both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for being frauds. Ambrose comes out, and gets assaulted by Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. He’s saved by former brother in arms, Seth Rollins.

It got better, after the segment, Rollins is walking in the back, when he is stopped by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose says a Shield reunion will not happen, but I think that means its going to happen! Fun fact, all three members of the Shield are one title away from being Grand Slam champions. Ambrose just needs a tag title, and Rollins and Reigns both need the Intcrcontenantial Championship.

We got a rematch of the Women’s tag match from last week with Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. Nobody got knocked out, and everybody was in the match the whole time. The finish came when Bayley rolled up Alexa Bliss while Nia Jax was busy on the outside with Banks.

Finally there was a proper blow off match for the Golden Truth. Goldust won, it happened. I don’t know why.

The familiar chants as “You Suck” echoed throughout the arena when Kurt Angle came down to the ring. He doesn’t know when Braun Strowman is coming back. But, that wasn’t the only thing Kurt Angle wanted, he called Brock Lesnar down to the ring, to discuss who the Number 1 contender for the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns seems to think he’s the man for the job. But, Samoa Joe seems convinced he deserves a rematch. So, next week there will be another match between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns, and the winner is the Number 1 Contender.

The purple ropes came out for a tag match with Cedric Alexander and Akira Tozawa teaming against Noam Dar and Neville. Pretty by the numbers. Though, Neville was crotched on the ropes for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, Tozawa kicked the rope, and Neville came falling off. Perfect position for Tozawa to hit a seated senton from the top for the pinfall.

Going into the Great Balls of Fire, the match I was least excited for was Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt. Tonight, I’m unexpectedly pumped for it. This bout was as good as last night’s. With Wyatt taking advantage early. He was really throwing his size around. First with the a huge uranage, and then a huge crossbody into the corner. Wyatt has been looking like he’s on a whole other level the last 2 nights. Rollins did mount a comeback, but that wasn’t enough as Rollins fell to Sister Abigail.

After the match, Miz and the Miztourage descended to the ring, in a way not unlike vultures. But Ambrose to the rescue with a chair! Looks like we’ve got a tag run with Ambrose and Rollins!

Right at the end of the show, we see Kurt Angle on the phone with someone. Someone who will be at RAW next week! Intrigue!


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