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The Show Must Go On…Raw 23/10/17



Let me start by saying TLC was awesome from start to finish. Every great PPV should leave us feeling what happens next and TLC did just that. This time of the year is always a crazy one for superstars. As soon as the word Survivor Series is mentioned feuds are forgotten about and everyone can somehow get along. All for the bragging rights of which show is the better brand.

The good

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is a genius. I can’t remember the last time he gave us a bad promo. This latest cut is right up there as one of his best. Laying waste to Mahal by belittling him & his title reign. To be fair, every word spoken was the truth. Jinder has scraped through title defenses against Orton and Nakamura. Brock, on the other hand, has laid waste to the most stacked heavyweight division in the history of the WWE. Heyman then went on to state that Mahal wasn’t Brock’s equal, contemporary or his counterpart. Going so far as to call Jinder a pretender. He then continued to list off a host of past champions (including Lesnar) who were actually deserving of the title. Come Survivor Series id be lying if I told you I believe Jinder has any hope of beating Brock. I can only see this bout going one way…and that’s all the way to Suplex city.


I love surprises in pro wrestling. Anything that isn’t ruined by the Internet is always great in my opinion. This was one of those moments. Just as Raw GM Kurt Angle was about to announce his five best superstars for the Raw men’s Survivor Series team Shane O’Mac’s theme hit. He was accompanied by the majority of the Smackdown Live roster who emerged from the crowd Shield style. After cutting a promo with Kurt, Shane then gave the instruction for the boys and girls in Blue to head backstage and cause some havoc. Boy did they do just that. Taking out Raw superstars, causing destruction backstage…it was mayhem. A favorite moment of mine was when the Raw women stood tall in front of the Smackdown men only for Becky Lynch to march forward & kick ass. I also have a sneaky suspicion we may see Angle and Shane in the same ring together. Here’s hoping it’s as good as their 2001 King of the Ring match.

AJ Styles

I know he’s not a raw superstar but it must be said..this man is phenomenal. Earlier this week AJ was in South America with Smackdown Live doing live shows. Straight after that, it was 18 hours from Chile to Minneapolis for TLC. Giving the short notice he had little to no time to prepare for the match with Balor. The match itself was incredible and some calling it a contender for match of the year. He THEN appeared on Raw talk (after TLC) traveled to Green Bay to work Raw and finished off on smackdown against Sunil Singh. If that’s not the face that runs the place worthy I don’t know what is.

The Bad


I love the character Kane and I don’t mean this in any way disrespectful. But can someone please tell me why Kane beat Balor clean? Balor is one of the faces of the WWE to the younger generation at least. Kane, on the other hand, has just returned from a hiatus, has been a mid-carder for the majority of his career. I just find it odd that they used Balor to take the fall in what can only be creative building Kane up to match the monster among men Strowman. Kane will ultimately lose which will be a passing of the torch to legitimise the Monster that Braun really is. I just hope it’s not Vince punishing Finn for that hand gesture with Styles at TLC, I just can’t fathom why they would choose Finn of all people to job to Kane in 2017.

Cruiserweight division

Seems like it was just yesterday when TJ Perkins was crowned the inaugural Cruiserweight champion. How times have changed, the division is on its lasts legs in my opinion and is in need of some star power of it’s going to be saved. The loss of arguably it’s two biggest stars in Neville and Austin Aries in recent months doesn’t help matters, either does the poor viewership that 205 live has. Enzo Amore is the star of the show nowadays and while he works his butt off he doesn’t have that Cruiserweight type wrestling style we’ve become accustomed to them from the WCW Cruiserweight days.

As for the rest of the show…well, what do you think? and do you have any comments on the points I have raised? if so, let me know in the comments below, or follow me on Twitter here. And I’ll catch you all on Saturday.

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