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RAW Recap 7/31


Tonight’s episode of RAW kicks off the way the way most episodes start. Kurt Angle comes out and talks about what is in store for tonight’s show. The main event is a triple threat between Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman. Angle also promises a Miz TV with Jason Jordan. And just as he is about to get out of the ring, the Beast, Brock Lesnar makes an appearance. Paul Heyman calls out Angle for booking a Fatal-Four Way at Summerslam. References are made to the real life situation with Brock Lesnar leaving WWE to get back into the Octagon. Essentially, if Lesnar loses, he is leaving WWE. I love Paul Heyman, but Brock Lesnar is best when he is allowed to speak. I go back to last summer during the “Heath Slater, free agent” angle. Lesnar’s promo was so simple, only eight words, but they spoke volumes.

The very first match of the night was The Hardy Boyz vs The Club, with the Revival on commentary. The real story here is Dash and Dawson, who were great in the booth. Little things like calling Booker T “Mr. Booker”, and then calling out Harlem Heat. I don’t mean to bow at the water of The Revival, because the action in the ring was pretty good too. The crowd was super hot for Matt Hardy. They loved the spot where he smashes his opposition’s face into all three turnbuckles. Matt and Jeff did go over after a Swanton Bomb. But the real story was after the match when all three teams got into a scuffle. It ended when the Hardys hit Poetry in Motion on the rival foursome off the stage. I suppose this means we’re getting a Triple Threat tag team match at Summerslam.

After the match Renee Young interviewed her husband, Dean Ambrose. She was asking the hard questions. Are Ambrose and Seth Rollins back together? Rollins showed up to basically say that he wants that, however Ambrose is still unsure.

When we got back from commercial, Seth Rollins is getting teased by Cesaro and Sheamus . This lead to a match between Sheamus and Rollins. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Before we get to Rollins and Sheamus we had the Miz TV segment. This was a simple story building segment designed to make Jason Jordan look good, and that it did. Miz offered to guide Jordan’s career, and he declined. After Miz doing his best heeling, Jordan got up and delivered a German suplex to Miz right into his sycophantic hangers-on.

Finally we got the Rollins and Sheamus match. The match was a pretty simple affair. Naturally, there was some cheating from the champs. However, Rollins got Sheamus with a simplistic roll-up. This inspired a post match whooping to Rollins. The crowd was screaming for Ambrose to come out. But, he didn’t. Cesaro and Sheamus leave the ring, and Rollins gets back up, so of course they go back to put him back down. This is when Ambrose comes out to defend Rollins. Ambrose also got knocked down. It wasn’t a particularly vicious attack, but it did the job. Their match at Summerslam has the heat it needs.

Bray Wyatt came back after the break, and I thought we were getting another nonsense Wyatt promo, and that is basically what we got. Until Finn Balor’s music played, but it wasn’t just his music, the lights went red the way they do when the Demon is imminent. When the lights came back on Balor was standing arms outstretched in the ring. Wyatt applauded the voodoo, and got a pele-kick in the face for it.

Do you know what my biggest issue with triple threat matches are? Nobody takes advantage of the no DQ. That wasn’t the case here with the stairs making an impact in this match. Any time we get Strowman and Reigns in together we get some magic, and Samoa Joe makes chicken salad out of anything he’s given. Reigns got the pin over Joe with a spear.

More great storytelling between Ambrose and Rollins in a locker room segment. As Ambrose and Rollins are healing up after the assault from Cesaro and Sheamus earlier, Ambrose accuses Rollins of setting the whole thing up to make Ambrose look like the bad guy if he didn’t help. He’s grasping at straws and he knows he can’t do it for much longer,

The only Women’s match tonight was Nia Jax vs the new number one contender, Bayley. Nia Jax came in like steam roller, and Bayley was the Little Engine That Could. Jax was impressive in this encounter. In one spot,  Bayley was standing in front of Jax, and tried to elbow her in the face. Jay audibly declares “Nope” and gets the Huggable One in double hammerlock. Jay lifts Bayley up and slams her in her face. The match ended in hijinks when Alexa Bliss attempted to blindside Bayley. This led to Jax coming out to help Bliss. Bayley was able to lure Jax to run into the stairs like a matador to gain the count out victory.

This evening’s main event pitted Big Show against Big Cass. Which, is fine. Enzo was there the whole time, cheering Big Show on, but I don’t know why. He’s not adding anything. Enzo got killed by Cass twice.  The  match was short and unimpressive. It ended when Enzo Amore, being the dummy that he is decided to attack Cass mid match. Enzo, of course got killed for the third time.

After Enzo’s corpse was on the mat, Cass went after Big Show again. Show met the attack with the Knockout punch. RAW went off the air with Big Show carrying the cadaver of Enzo Amore to the locker room to be reanimated for next week.

I’ll see you guys then!

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