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RAW Recap: Kurt Angle’s Dirty Little Secret


Every week I watch RAW, and its only as good as it’s opening segment. And it starts off with a bang this week. Dean Ambrose kicks off the show this week, steel chair in hand. He calls out Miz, however he gets former brother-in-arms, Seth Freakin’ Rollins. They both have an issue with Miz from last week, and they both want to squash it now. An emotional Ambrose hasn’t forgiven Rollins for breaking up The Shield. In a sign of good faith, Rollins turns his back to Ambrose and screams to be hit. You can see the moment that Ambrose lets go of the anger he gelt in his heart as he tosses the chair to the outside, and the crowd starts chanting for Roman Reigns to come out. Instead, we get Miz, and his Miztourage. They proceed to demolish Ambrose and Rollins before leaving the building.

We got yet another Bayley vs Alexa Bliss match. What made this one unique was Nia Jax, who came out a few minutes into the match. It ended shortly after Sasha Banks came out to assault Jax. The onslaught on the outside distracted Bliss who kicked out of a rollup attempt. The match ended with the Bayley-to-Belly.

The Cruiserweights came out next, and put on a passable tag match. Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali beat Drew Gulak and Brian Kendrick. The most notable thing about this match was the lack of purple ropes!

Enzo Amore came out spitting straight fire again. He had a retort for everything Big Cass had to say. Enzo’s right. They never won gold. Everyone needs to be reminded that Enzo Amore isn’t the only man at fault. There was another person in those matches. Cass interrupts Enzo while he was screaming “SAWFT”, and we get a Cass vs Big Show match. After a few boots to the face, Big Show was bleeding from the top of his nose. Cass proceeded to beat him, and knock out Enzo before walking out.

I love Finn Balor, and I love Elias Samson’s gimmick, but I can’t get into this feud. As much as I didn’t care about this match, I did by the end. The match ended when Elias Samson just unloaded on Balor with a guitar shot, that sure missed. Balor’s head had a good 1 1/2 inch cut on it. As a side note, I’m super curious see what guitar Samson has next week. That was a $450 guitar! After the match with Balor recovering, the horror graphic comes on and Bray Wyatt is doing his Bray Wyatt promo on the tron. This is the feud I want to see.

What’s done in the dark, will come to the light, Kurt. And this is an idea that probably should’ve been left in the dark. Jason Jordan is the son of Kurt Angle. That just feels so deflating. It does something to freshen up Jason Jordan and by proxy, Chad Gable, and that’s fine. I just feel like there were better ways to do it. At least Stephanie McMahon didn’t come back.

The Revival squared off against The Hardy Boyz in their return to in ring action. This match continues to show that the Revival are the best team out there right now. They might not be the flashiest, but they everything they do is logical, and the timing is perfect. It definitely looks like Matt Hardy is breaking. That descent continued after the Revival pin Jeff Hardy.

The main event for the evening was Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe, with the winner getting Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. It was as hard hitting as their last matches. Tonight saw a truly inspired spot in which Reigns is attempting a drive by but gets crushed with a clothesline from Joe. We wouldn’t get to see a clean finish to this, as Braun Strowman came out, to the biggest pop of the night.

I’ve seen Braun Strowman toss Reigns around like a rag doll, so many times and it never fails to entertain me. Tonight continued that trend.  Except this week he got to manhandle both Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe!

I don’t know who won the match, or what’s going on at Summerslam, but I guess that’s what next week is for!


All videos courtesy of WWE’s Youtube page.

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