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The Show Must Go On…Raw


Current State of Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw the flagship for the WWE and possibly all of sports entertainment today. May 25, 2017, the draft or brand split was reintroduced for the first time since July 2012, both Raw and Smackdown would have two separate rosters. Now I for one was excited giving the mid-card and diva’s division cluster that was currently happening, we would finally have a chance to see our favorite B+ players as the hierarchy of WWE would call them perform week in week out in lengthy matches and storylines. Today I’m going to discuss some things that Raw is doing right and some of the things that make us question how it ever beat WCW during the Monday night wars.

The Good

Let’s start off on a good note here and talk about some of the better things WWE is getting.

The Shield

Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta……..Let’s be honest this is possibly the worst and the best thing to happen in WWE for a while. The shield are possibly the most destructive and best stable of the past decade maybe even of all time. All 3 members are top class athletes and 2 of them can hold there own on the mic. Hopefully, they have the same attitude ripping through the current roster as they did at the start. I see this as a short stint that will last no further than the new year. I will discuss why in more depth below why I believe this.

The Miz

The Miz is the most underrated Superstar on the entire roster. No one currently holds a torch to him when it comes to his promo work. In fact, its up there with some of the greatest of all time. In my opinion the best Heel besides Kevin Owens at the moment. The man has done it all, but this brand split has really given him a new lease of life. Bringing Maryse back, then the stint with Daniel Bryan really solidified him as one of the greatest Intercontinental champions ever. Sure, his in-ring work can look clunky, but he’s always consistent when it comes to putting on a great show. And has been for the past 10 years.

Braun Strowman

The Monster among men is truly that…a Monster. I cant recall the last big man I’ve gotten so attached too. Generally, they seem to come in cause a storm and fade away rather quickly. I cant see this happening to Braun though this man is a breath of fresh air just causing destruction and squashing genuine superstars. The sheer size of him gives him that awe factor especially you see the speed he works in the ring. Strowman is definitely a future Heavyweight Champion sooner rather than later.

The Bad

Time for the bad and to be honest it was easier to think of negative things than it was to think about good points.

3-hour show

Short and simple this one, I believe since the brand split Raw should’ve moved to a 2-hour show. I believe were spoilt for choice with WWE recently that its almost impossible to keep up with all the internet stories and TV provided including weekly shows, PPVs, and documentaries. Not only that I wouldn’t mind a 3 hour show if it didn’t feel repetitive and forced the majority of times mix that with a creative team that can’t figure out how to fill these hours which then leads to us watching pointless storylines and terrible matches that end up leading to nothing only a pre-show match at a PPV.

The Universal Title

The main title, the be all and end all of WWE, the greatest prize in sports entertainment and they put it on a guy who wrestles 4 times a year. Now don’t get me wrong Brock Lesnar is legitimately the baddest man on the planet and I am a huge fan. He not only makes them huge money, but he brings in the crowds too. As HHH would say, he’s whats best for business. As a paying fan I just don’t get it, when you have guys like Balor, Wyatt, Rollins, and Strowman all vying for that top spot there is no need to have a part-timer carry the title. Now if Brock was wrestling full time there would be no problem I just feel they should utilize the title more, defend it at every PPV, not just the larger ones.

The Shield

As above this is the best and the worst thing that has happened to WWE. It’s too soon, Why ? because there is no WWE title in the picture, numbers are dropping and they need a pick me up. This, my friends, was the ace they were always going to play when things started going bad. A main event stable with superstars who can carry any show or PPV. It also feels a little like Roman Reigns and the tag champs, make no mistake about The Shield reunion is to get Reigns over. To stop the crowds booing everytime he enters the arena. This is a well thought out plan if you ask me to push Reigns before he eventually turns heel and faces Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania next year for the Universal title.

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