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Gaining Heat with Session Moth Martina


The Sesh

How would I describe Session Moth to wrestling fans outside of the UK? I don’t think the word ‘sesh’ is overly used worldwide and my initial reaction of ‘Chav’ (also pretty unknown outside of the UK) is a little harsh. So I think the simplest way to put it would be to say that she’s an ass kicker who loves to party. She might not be to everyone’s taste (her character comes out in full force with confidence) but you can’t deny her accomplishments. If you’re not a fan already you will be soon.

Session Moth Martina

Years In The Business: 7

What are your biggest and best accomplishments so far? I feel I have done many great things, but the top of my list would have to be being the first ever OTT Women’s Champion, and then debuting for major UK promotions like Progress, ICW and Fight Club Pro.

Who Are Your Role Models? The likes of Becky Lynch would be my biggest inspiration. She was the first female wrestler from Ireland and one who has really made a name for herself.

Where Can Fans Most Likely Find You? OTT, Fight Club Pro, ICW, Lucha Forever, WXW, GWF, EVE, North Wrestling, Progress…the list is endless!

And finally, What Are Your Goals For The Next Few Years? I aim to continue to grow and hopefully not only stay active in my current promotion but also move on to others too.

Session Moth Martina

And there you have it. Another quick look at the many talented female wrestlers out there. If you know an indie wrestler (female) who deserves the spotlight, please let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow Martina here.

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