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The Show Must Go On…Raw 16/10/2017



The go home show before TLC this Sunday, in my opinion, didn’t disappoint. Full of surprises, good storyline building, and excellent wrestling segments. Honourable mention to Karl Anderson for his amazing rendition of the Honky Tonk Man.

The Good

The Shield V The Bar

Another great tag team match from the four guys. Add the Black swat team like gear worn by The Shield and we have ourselves one hell of a match. Cesaro and Sheamus are a surprisingly great team. If you were to ask me 3 years ago about this pairing I would have said no chance. My how they proved me wrong. As for the match itself, The Bar looked to isolate Rollins early on until he made the tag to Ambrose who then went on a rampage. First unloading on Sheamus then Cesaro. The tide turned once more with The Bar having a couple of close calls before Rollins rescued Ambrose from a double crucifix. Dean then hit the dirty deeds on Cesaro resulting in The Shield retaining the titles in a great back and forth match.

Curtis Axel

A winner in my eyes this week. He got some well-deserved TV time, just frustratingly not in the ring. The promo between himself, Sheamus, Ceasrao, and Braun, was priceless. Nice touch to see his name being chanted during talking Miz too. Hopefully, he makes an appearance in some capacity on Sunday at TLC.


By God, That’s Gotta Be KANE!!!!! 20 years ago to the month The Big Red Machine made his WWE debut. Could that be the reason we’re seeing him re-appear now? If so could this be Kane’s final run? Regardless, the surprise was not expected which is something we as WWE fans are not used to. At first, it was unknown who Kane would attack as he has had issues with both The Shield and The Wyatts (Strowman was brought into the family to combat Kane and his brother Undertaker). With no storyline and no time to build a story, it is still unknown why Kane has returned for TLC. Going forward, my money is on The Shield vs Kane, Strowman and The Undertaker at survivor series this year.

The Bad

Jason Jordan

All the potential in the world once he received the title of Kurt Angle’s son. Now it seems to be dropping down the pecking order each and every week. He’s gone from battling with some of Raws top stars, in the Intercontinental title picture and to recently teaming with Matt Hardy. Both of which now seems to be finished. This week he teamed with Titus and Apollo Crews (both of whom have seen there fair share of loses over the past weeks). Despite picking up the win over Elias and The Club this week, things don’t seem as good as most would have anticipated for Jordan.


We’ve all heard the rumors; “The Man That Gravity Forgot” has walked out on WWE. Enzo Amore all but confirmed the star’s departure at a house show during last week and him being a no-show on Raw this week is quite worrying for fans. I for one hope it’s not true and won’t believe anything until WWE or Neville release an official statement on the matter. If true, WWE has dropped the ball with one of the best workers on the roster. Chris Jericho went as far as to compare him to the late great Chris Benoit. Neville has been carrying the cruiserweight division on his back since reappearing as a heal. Dominating & putting on match of the night candidates every time he stepped into the ring. His departure wouldn’t only be a massive blow for the cruiserweight division but for WWE as a whole.


Poor Kalisto. Great wrestler, but please don’t give him a mic again. I haven’t felt that uncomfortable in a long time. Listening to him try and insult Enzo, and then going on to state how he will become the new cruiserweight champion at TLC…while wearing the title he owns. Major Facepalm moment.


As for the rest of the show…well, what do you think? and do you have any comments on the points I have raised? if so, let me know in the comments below, or follow me on Twitter here. And I’ll catch you all next week.

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