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Smackdown Live Review 7/25/17



This week the action took place in Richmond Virginia and it did not disappoint. If you missed this week, you missed one heck of a show! Let’s get to it!

Kevin Owens is the United States Champion, Again

This week the show opened with K.O. coming out and declaring that the rightful champion has the title again and boy was he smug. Owens also declared that the open challenge for the title would start next week but AJ Styles thinks different. AJ comes out and says he wants his rematch and he wants it now, but he wasn’t the only one.

In a wonderful turn of events, Chris Jericho’s music hits and the WWE Universe goes wild! FINALLY!! Y2J! Y2J! HE IS BACK MAANNNNNNNNNNNNN!! Jericho claims that he is the rightful person who is owed a rematch for the title and that AJ has cut him in line. And we all know what happens when you cut Jericho in line.

Shane O’Mac comes out and declares what we can all describe as a dream come true. A triple threat match between Jericho, Styles, and Owens in the main event for the title. YES! YES! YES!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin

This is a rematch of sorts, seeing how their last meeting was ended in disqualification at Battleground. The match starts off with the throwing of hands and a few kicks by Nakamura. It doesn’t take long before Corbin is on the mat and Nakamura is outside the ring and Corbin is taking shots. Nakamura continues to do work on Corbin outside of the ring. Nakamura dances up the ramp, looking to get a running start at Corbin but does not get the desired result.

Corbin gets to his feet and takes Shinsuke out with a hellacious clothesline to the floor. Corbin tosses Nakamura back into the ring for the first cover of the bout. After the kick out by Nakamura, we head to commercial.

When we return from the break we find Corbin and Nakamura in the center of the ring. Corbin has Shinsuke in a submission that he quickly works out of and gets into the corner. Corbin runs to slide into Nakamura and Shin spins out the way sending Corbin out of the ring, just missing the ring post. After a powerful kick to the face, Corbin is knocked down. Once up, he is knocked back down by Nakamura and the strikes just begin to pile up.

After a swift kick to the midsection, Corbin is knocked down and covered but kicks out. After finally having enough, Corbin gains control of the match with a back breaker and a cover, leading to a kick out by Nakamura. Corbin begins his own barrage of strikes, throwing in some mocking of Shinsuke, and continues to do damage. With a Deep Six, Corbin looks to finally put away his opponent, to no avail.

After trying to finish Shinsuke off one more time with an End of Days, Nakamura counters and slips out and gets himself into position to begin throwing those vicious strikes again. After taking out Corbin’s knee in the corner and then chopping at the back of his neck with a flying knee, Nakamura is able to get Corbin down for the cover and the 1,2,3 to win the match.

Naomi and Natalya Smack Talk

Natalya tells Naomi that she has no respect for the title because she has turned it into a kids toy. She also tells her that she has no respect for the legends and that she is going to take the title from her and restore the respect that it deserves. Naomi responds by telling her that she does respect it and that all she did was put a little bit of her into the title and that women’s evolution is about the future and not the past. Naomi tells her to keep throwing her shade because at Summer Slam she is going to be blinded by the glow.

Carmella then enters to remind her that she is still looking to the future. End promo.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs. Lana & Tamina

Well, it looks like Lana finally got in trouble for her near miss on cooter shots every week, with the addition of her shorts to her gear. Oh yeah, and it looks like her kick pads may have been put on the wrong legs. I am pretty sure they are supposed to read Lana Crush, not Crush Lana. Anyway……

Becky and Lana start off with Lana ducking in the corner and crying for help, as per usual. When she does this, of course, Tamina tags in to do all of the heavy work. Becky tries to put Tamina in the Disarmer a few times, of course, it doesn’t work, but Tamina handles business. Tamina continues the beating until tagging Lana to come in and throw Becky around for a little bit. As the WWE Universe chants “You Can’t Wrestle” at Lana, she tags out. Tamina continues to control the match until Becky makes the tag to Charlotte.

Charlotte comes in guns blazing with a series of Flair Chops, followed by the ever so awesome Flair Strut. After a knee to the back of the head, Flair is able to cover but Tamina kicks out on 2. After a superkick to the face, Charlotte is knocked down and Lana tags herself in. While in the process, Charlotte kicks Tamina in the back and out of the ring. Charlotte then takes Lana out for the cover and win. Tamina is PISSED! Whats the deal with these two? It’s weird, right?

Jinder Mahal Makes Demands

Jinder Mahal comes out and talks about crushing the legacy of Randy Orton and demands to know who his opponent will be at Summer Slam. Enter John Cena! Cena makes his way to the ring and Jinder assumes he is there to tell him that he doesn’t deserve the title. Cena says that he is wrong, he is there to tell him that he is there to tell him congratulations. But he is also there to tell him that he is coming for the title at Summer Slam.

Not so fast there Cena! Enter GM, Daniel Bryan. Bryan tells Cena that opportunities must be earned, even if you are a 16-time champion, John Cena. Bryan then says words that I as a WWE Fangirl have longed to hear. Daniel Bryan tells John Cena that next week he and Shinsuke Nakamura will compete for the #1 contender spot against Jinder Mahal at Summer Slam. NIGHT MADE!

Best Promo of the Night…Coming at you. Won’t even bother writing about it, just watch!

Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger vs. Mike Kanellis (w/Maria) & Aiden English

Oh, the singing……I CAN NOT!

The match starts off with Dillinger and English. A quick, even matched, back and forth between the two start off the match and then Dillinger tags in Zayn as we go to commercial break.

After the commercial we find Zayn in a headlock by English, fighting to get out. The replay shows how during the break, Maria was able to cause yet another distraction that caused Zayn to get laid out, this causing the momentum to switch back to favor English.

Back to the match, Zayn tries to make the tag but cannot. Kanellis is able to tag in and just goes to town on Zayn. Mike covers but it is broken up by Dillinger who rushes in to save his partner. Kanellis drags Sami over to his corner to tag English and the two of them double up on Zayn working on the back of his head.

Again, English continues to beat up on Sami until while rushing at Zayn he is tossed out of the ring. This allows Sami to make the tag to Dillinger. English tries to be sneaky and tags Kanellis without Tye knowing but fails as Dillinger just clobbers both men, leaving them both laid out. Dillinger gets all fired up! Tye takes Mike into the corner and gives him perfect ten blows to the head as the WWE Universe chants “TEN” over and over.

When English tries to sneak up behind Dillinger, Tye turns around and jumps down onto him and takes him out. Dillinger makes the tag to Zayn, English and Kanellis don’t see it, Zayn dips down to the apron and Dillinger runs to the opposite corner and allows English to make chase right into a double boot kick to the face. Kanellis then follows suit but Dillinger rolls out-of-the-way leaving room for Zayn to deliver a massive giant kick to the face, knocking Kanellis out. Zayn takes the cover and win!

New Day Falls

As the New Day prepare to come out and celebrate their title win over the Uso’s, they are jumped by Jimmy and Jay Uso during their opening hype sequence. There is a massive and brutal beat down by the Uso’s and it is sad, to say the least.

Main Event

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens for the United States Championship

For this part of the review, I am going to give you the quick and dirty, it is just so good that you must watch the video below. If you can, check out the match in its entirety.

Styles and Jericho team up on Owens straight out of the gate. Once Owens is handled they of course then go after each other. Both Styles and Jericho both attempt pins and fail. Owens is back in, takes out Styles and then it is Jericho and Owens one on one. After some back and forth, Owens is able to avoid a code breaker but Jericho is able to land a drop kick off the ropes.

Styles is back in and after a failed suplex attempt he knocks Jericho to the floor off the apron. Owens clotheslines Styles and pounds him on the mat. After a running senton, Owens head to the floor to take on Jericho. When he is back in the ring, Owens continues to take it to Styles, covering to get a two count.

Styles gets Owens into the calf crusher but it is broken up by Jericho with a lionsault and a cover for 2. We then head to commercial break.

When we come back from the commercial break Styles and Owens work back to their feet. Jericho comes back in to stop the action and gets Styles in the corner. Jericho takes Styles to the cleaners until Owens takes Jericho to the mat. After laying Jericho out, Styles who is on the apron struggles to stay upright. Styles ducks and lets Owens go over the ropes and onto the floor. Jericho is now alone in the ring with Styles on the apron. Styles hits the 450 off the top rope but fails to cover.

Owens is back in and send Styles back out to try to cover but fails. Styles and Owens fight outside the ring. Styles back in and fails at the Styles Clash, Jericho put Styles in the Walls and its broken up by Owens. Owens is put in the Walls of Jericho, Styles breaks it up. Code breaker to Styles from Jericho. All 3 are laying in the ring. Owens rolls out. All 3 back in.

Cannon ball by Owens to both in the corners. Jericho with a massive kick to the head of Styles and turns around to a superkick to the face by Owens. Owens is then taken out by a Pele Kick from Styles.  Styles is taken out by Jericho and sent to the floor and immediately Jericho is hit with another superkick to the face by Owens but stays up. Pop up powerbomb by Owens, cover, fail. Owens is stunned. Owens goes to the top with a massive frog splash, covers and it is stopped by Styles. Styles throws Owens out of the ring and covers Jericho and GETS THE WIN! AJ Styles wins the title!!


Owens takes to the mic to cry about his loss as Styles walks up the ramp bloody and kissing his prize.

Is it next Tuesday yet?? See you then!

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