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Smackdown Live Review 8/22/17


This week’s Smackdown Live comes to you from the home of Summer Slam, Brooklyn NY.

Kevin Owens is a……

This week we open up with AJ Styles declaring the US Open Challenge for the United States Title. Of course, Kevin Owens had to come out and cry about how he was robbed at Summer Slam by Shane O’Mac.

After Shane comes out and much back and forth about how Kevin thinks he was robbed, AJ finally snaps. AJ calls Owens a “whiny ass little bitch”, and it was GLORIOUS…….spoiler alert…

Shane grants the match, K.O. gets to pick the ref, if he loses he can no longer go after the title as long as AJ holds it.

Daniel Bryan and Jinder Mahal

This promo shows Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers talking with Daniel Bryan backstage about how the match went at Summer Slam. When Daniel Bryan tells Jinder that he can’t win on his own, Mahal gets, once again, all worked up and says it’s because DB is a xenophobe. Bryan then says that there is going to be a 2 on 1 handicap match tonight against The Singh Brothers and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Owens looks for a Ref

Kevin Owens is looking for a ref he can trust, he approaches Sami Zayn and gives him a song and dance about being someone he can trust. Zayn doesn’t fall for it. After some backhanded comments, Owens walks away…..promo over.

Aiden English vs. Bobby Roode

When English is interrupted this week, thankfully, we are all brought to our feet because the GLORIOUS Bobby Roode has finally made his WWE Main Roster debut. There isn’t much to say about this match with the exception that Roode came out and worked English over quite well. I think that maybe they could have picked someone with a little more…..anything…than English for Roode’s debut but alas.

Roode sends English outside the ring almost immediately and we go straight to commercial break. Back from the break, we find English getting some hits in on Roode. This doesn’t last long as Roode lights up English with chops. Back and forth, until Roode gives English a blockbuster from the second rope.

English then gives Roode the directors cut for a cover and count of 2. English tries to put things away from the top rope and jumps down onto nothing. Ok…. Roode then hits English with a spine busters and well…..the glorious ddt comes out and its a cover for the 3 count. Roode wins his debut.

Daniel Bryan and Chad Gable……..Shelton Benjamin

Promo is done to announce the new Smackdown Live member, and new tag team partner, Shelton Benjamin! Welcome back, Shelton!!

Kevin is still searching

Kevin finds Sami again and asks him if he is going to ref the match. Zayn says no. The search continues.

Hype Bros. vs The Uso’s

FINALLY!! The Hype Bros are back! The tag team champions, The Uso’s, open this match in a hard way. Jay Uso is quickly worked over my Mojo but it doesn’t take long until The Uso’s get quick with the mind games and hard hits.

Rawley can’t seem to get away from the Uso’s to make the tag to his partner. Finally, after getting Jimmy down, Mojo is able to make the tag to Ryder. After doing major work on Jimmy, Jay is able to pull his brother out of the ring to spare him from any more beating. That is when it gets super ugly for the Hype Bros. Mojo is able to run and take out Jimmy but Jay answers with a massive super kick to the face of Mojo Rawley, knocking him out against the barricade.

Ryder answers back with a double kick through the ropes knocking down Uso and dragging him back into the ring. Jay causes the distraction letting Jimmy get Ryder down off the ropes and onto the mat. The match goes home with yet another massive super kick by Jimmy, the cover on Ryder and the 3 count. Uso’s win.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Singh Brothers

2 on 1 has never looked better. To be honest, they are going to need a few more brothers to take on Shinsuke. Shinsuke is able to make very fast work of both the brothers. Using their own body’s as weapons, Nakamura throws the Singh Brothers around like they are nothing.

After throwing both brothers out of the ring, Mahal tries to get them back in. Shinsuke is distracted by Mahal and the Singh Brothers come in and attack Nakamura from behind. It is because they are able to take down Shinsuke from behind that they are able to work him over for a little bit. But not for long.

Shinsuke is able to get a submission and win very quickly but is then taken down out of nowhere by Jinder Mahal. But Shinsuke says not so fast asshole and takes Jinder down with the quickness. Game over!

It is a no-go for the Fashion Po-Po

Kevin is still looking for a ref! Breezango offer their services and are shot down. Oh well. Enough already! Baron Corbin says he will do it. Done, ref found.


Natalya & Carmella vs. Becky Lynch & Naomi

First off, Nattie, wear the title don’t just carry it. You earned the right to wear it, seriously. Nattie talks about how she is the best women’s champion and that she will stay champion forever. Carmella and James Ellsworth get on the mic and talk about how Carmella might cash in on Natalya during the match, blah blah blah…..

Carmella and Naomi start the match off. Carmella gets scared quickly and tags Nattie in. Commercial break. Back from the break and we find Lynch catching fire and bringing the pain to Natalya. Carmella is avoiding the tag at all costs, some might think that she is letting Natalya take a beating to make her east prey. Nattie is able to get Lynch down to the mat in a headlock but Becky fights out. Nattie gets Lynch to her corner and continues to work on her and tries to make a tag to Carmella but she refuses and jumps down off the apron to avoid the tag. Natalya is essentially fighting a 2 on 1 match. Nattie continues to beat down Lynch while arguing with Carmella over her not wanting to participate.

Lynch is able to make the tag to Naomi and immediately she gets Nattie in a submission hold. Nattie breaks free and works to put Naomi in the sharp shooter but has no luck in locking it in. Nattie limps over to Carmella and slaps her on the back to make the tag.

Carmella jumps out of the ring and Nattie chases her own teammate around the ring to force her back into the match. When Carmella is back in the ring, Lynch puts Carmella in an exploder and sets Naomi up to bring it home for the 1,2,3 and the win.

Dolph Ziggler is alive

Dolph does his interview with Charlie in which he makes fun of everyone and says he is reinventing himself. Next week. Welcome back to t.v. Dolph.

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens w/ Baron Corbin as special guest ref

Owens comes out looking as sad as ever. I mean literally looks like he is going to burst into tears. Ughh, he is so good at that. Styles has zero time for bullcrap and is ready to go.

Owens, of course, rolls out as soon as the bell rings, what a jerk. Corbin and Styles start to bicker and Owens uses this to cheap shot Styles. Owens takes control and roughs up Styles with extreme prejudice. This is ended with a double drop kick from AJ right to K.O.’s face! Yet another roll out by Owens.

Styles gives a huge forearm to K.O. outside the ring and we go to commercial break. We come back from the break to see AJ knocking K.O. back out of the ring. Owens gets back up and gives some big hits to Styles including one into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Owens has Styles in a headlock but AJ works out of it quickly. Corbin, so far, is calling it fair and square. Cover by Owens and kick out at 1. Kevin keeps AJ locked up on the mat, slowing him down tremendously. Styles finally gets K.O. off and gives him a face buster in the center of the ring. With some distance between them, Styles works to get back to his feet.

Both men back to their feet, Styles hits Owens with a series of hard hits and kicks that culminate into a clothesline to yet another forearm to the face of Kevin Owens. Both men are down and Styles is pumped!! Styles gets Owens into a cover and there is a kick out at 2. Frustration is mounting as Styles debates the count with Corbin. Styles gets onto the top rope for the obvious fake finish and misses the Phenomenal Forearm but is able to wrap K.O. into the calf crusher.

With Owens close to tapping out, Styles makes sure he is in the center of the ring until Corbin breaks it up saying K.O. grabbed the rope. Arguing ensues and K.O. knocks Styles into Corbin causing, even more, fighting between the two. With this serving as a distraction, Owens wraps up Styles and gets the 2 count. He tries again, the same result. At this point, both men are down.

Shane McMahon comes out and tells Corbin that he is not doing a good job and distracts from the match. Corbin and McMahon continue to argue, opening a window for Owens to give a massive low blow to Styles that takes him down. When Owens covers Styles for the count, McMahon pulls Corbin out of the ring by his feet and throws him out for not catching the low blow.

McMahon puts on the ref shirt, gets in the ring to call the rest of the match, Kevin Owens throws a fit, Styles gives the Phenomenal Forearm for the victory! DONE!

What a tremendous 4 days of WWE action that ended with SDL this week. Where will the story lines go now? Tune in next week to see. Until then…..


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