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Smackdown Live Review 8/8/17


This week’s action comes from the great white north, Toronto Canada. With Summer Slam just under 2 weeks away, there is plenty of story to be told. Let’s go!

After The Camera’s Stopped Rolling

This week we open with a package about the epic battle from the previous week between John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura. In this package, they show that when SDL went off the air, Baron Corbin viciously attacked Nakamura in the ring. Cena returns to the ring to help Nakamura and Corbin take him out. But it wasn’t long before Cena was back up and putting Corbin through the announcer’s table with an AA. Take that Baron Corbin!

John Cena and Baron Corbin

Can I just say, I really enjoy how much Cena ignores the hate? He really has zero to give about it.

Cena takes to the ring, he talks about how Shinsuke isn’t afraid of anything, about how they faced off and how hard Nakamura hits hard. Cena humbles himself and talks about his respect for Shinsuke. Enter Baron Corbin. Corbin comes out, talks trash about the match, says Cena stuck his nose into his business. Corbin says he deserves the respect, not Nakamura. They go back and forth, Cena calls him a skinny fat, loud mouth, overrated dumpster fire (hilarious), and the WWE Universe begins to chant “dumpster fire”. Very funny. Daniel Bryan comes out and makes the match official for Summer Slam, Baron Corbin vs. John Cena.

The Uso’s vs. Tye Dillinger & Sami Zayn

Tye and Jimmy start off with Tye taking control quick. It doesn’t take long for Dillinger to tag in Zayn. Once Zayn is in, Jay gets his brother out of the ring. Commercial break.

Back from break and Zayn is getting worked over by Jimmy Uso. Sami can’t tag but Jimmy does. Jay goes after Zayn but he is able to make the tag to Dillinger. Dillinger gets in and goes to work. There are clotheslines, hits, kicks, and lots of anger. Jay rolls out of the ring and waits on the apron. Dillinger tries to fly out but is stopped by a hit to the head. Zayn then runs and leaps over the top rope and takes out both Uso’s.

Zayn tosses the legal Uso back in. Popup powerbomb by Dillinger. Jay and Dillinger fight on the top turnbuckle unaware that the tag was made. Both Uso’s enter the ring, hold Dillinger down and take him out at the knee. Jimmy puts Dillinger in the submission and he taps out. Uso’s win by submission.

The Uso’s call out The New Day. Big E comes out and Xavier and Kofi attack them from behind. There are chairs involved, they kick the crap out of the Uso’s. New Day rocks.

Renee interviews Randy Orton

Orton talks about Rusev should be scared of him and how his match tonight against Jinder will be different because the Singh Brothers won’t be there.

Fashion Files

Used to be funny, now it’s stupid.

Charlotte vs. Lana

The match that Lana wanted and Charlotte was ok giving her. Lana tells Tamina in a clip that she wants to be just like her but more ravishing.

Charlotte seems amused with the balls Lana has saying that to Tamina. Charlotte takes to this match with a smile on her face because to her this is a joke. She tells Lana that this is her ring. After several chops, Lana tries to take down Charlotte’s pants. Lana can’t keep her top up, Charlotte struts around, Lana slaps her in the face, Charlotte boots her in the face, puts her in the figure 8 and wins by submission.

Shane, AJ, and K.O.

Shane talks about how the match last week ended in controversy. Shane calls out to the ring Kevin Owens and AJ Styles. Kevin mocks AJ and tells him that this is his country, Shane breaks them up. Shane wants to clear the air. K.O. said last week that he doesn’t think Shane can be an impartial ref and apologizes. Says he doesn’t think he will try to screw over another famous Canadian. Says he is worried about AJ because of what AJ did to Shane several months ago. (Clip from the car incident plays)

AJ says he wasn’t happy about the choice that DB made either. He says they aren’t stupid and all Owens is trying to do is stir the pot. And says if Shane tries to screw him he will face the repercussions like he did at Wrestlemania. He says not to take it personally, he doesn’t trust anyone let alone a McMahon.

Kevin Owens shows another clip of where Shane was the ref and screwed over Stone Cold. WWE Network plug, more talk about how Shane screws people over. AJ challenges Owens to have the match right now, Owens says no, he wants to do it in the United States. AJ taunts Owens, shoving happens, AJ Pele kicks Shane instead of Owens and Owens walks out with a big smile on his face. McMahon tells AJ he is on borrowed time. Feud reignited?

Carmella vs. Naomi

Carmella starts strong, hitting and talking trash. Naomi answers back with a kick the face and then a slap to the face. Carmella rolls out of the ring and we go to break.

Back from the break and we see them both in the ring and Carmella is pulling hair and targeting Naomi’s neck. Carmella gets her into a submission hold but Naomi works out of it. Naomi continues to throw Carmella around. Naomi lights Carmella up with a series of kicks and then a big jaw breaker. Naomi is out on the apron and climbs up to the top rope. Carmella drops Naomi down and attempts to pull Naomi down off the top turn buckle in any way she can, including by the hair. As the official is distracted by Carmella, Naomi stands on the top rope, preparing to jump, when James Ellsworth knocks her off. Naomi hits the mat, Carmella hits Naomi with a superkick, covers and gets the win. He’s Back………….

Shinsuke Nakamura Interview

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton

The match starts off with both throwing as many punches as possible. After a takedown and a ground and pound, both men end up outside the ring. Orton sends the champion into the barricades over and over. Orton then tries to get Mahal back into the ring. Orton then gives Mahal a big clothesline to the floor, picks him up and slams him into the announcer’s table.

Mahal and Orton are back in the ring and Mahal stomps Orton repeatedly. Randy throws Mahal back out of the ring and tosses him over the desk. With Mahal on the desk, Orton looks to give him the RKO but Mahal is able to send Orton flying into the time keepers area. Commercial break.

When we come back from commercial break Mahal has Orton in the ring and is in complete control. Orton fights to get out of a headlock and breaks them apart. When Mahal goes to charge Orton in the corner, Orton steps to the side sending Mahal into the ring post. From outside the ring Mahal uses the ropes to work on Orton.

Orton gets Mahal on the top rope and does a superplex from the top. Covers, for a two count. Orton continues his assault on Mahal. Big powerslam by Orton for yet another two count. Mahal is able to drop Orton for a cover and a two count. After the kick out Orton gets Mahal caught up in the ropes and gives him a DDT. Orton goes for the RKO, he is stopped my Jinder who delivers a hellacious superkick to Orton and he is down.

Orton plays possum. Mahal lifts Orton up in a headlock thinking he is going unconscious and Orton surprises  Mahal with the RKO out of nowhere. 1,2,3 Orton takes the W.

See you next week!

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