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Summerslam 2017 Exclusive Finn Balor


Hail To The King Baby!

There have been many creative and expressive superstars to come in and out of the WWE during its existence, but I think we can all agree that The Undertaker comes straight in at number one. His entrances alone are of grandiose scale and spectacle. Be it his American Bad Ass on a Harley, or his much loved slow Deadman walk. Each and every time his music hit, we knew we were in for a show.

But recently there has been a new king to his throne…a Demon King! And this 2017 Summerslam exclusive Finn Balor figure is a perfect example as to why.

It’s All In The Detail

Straight off the bat, calling it a figure seems like a bit of an undersell. There is so much detail and so many colors (especially on the back) that it’s more like an art piece than a toy. The time that has been spent on making sure each and every scribbled word on his body and paint on his skin has been copied with the utmost accuracy from his actual match that night in August.

The detail doesn’t stop there either. The back of this figure is also covered not just in more crazed wording, but also with a huge demonic fierce eye that takes up a good 90% of his back! It really is something else, and I don’t think Mattel has ever done a figure quite like it before.

If all that wasn’t good enough Mattel even give you the first ever WWE Universal Championship belt as an accessory, commemorating the historic title win that night.


I can’t say enough good things about this figure. Even if you have the original Finn Elite release (from last year) or the recently released Ringside Exclusive Balor Club piece, I would still highly recommend you pick this up asap.



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  1. The idea of you doing figure reviews on the site is awesome! This review of Finn Balor really make me want to get one. It looks incredible!

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