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Top 10 Heels in WWE

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The Best Of The Worst Whilst everyone usually cheers the face and boos the heel, you cannot deny heels that everyone loves a baddie. Here is my top 10 list. Kevin Owens For me, his heel character was solidified all the way back in his NXT Days. Sami Zayn had ...

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The Show Must Go On…Smackdown 17/10/2017

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17/10/17 Arguably the better of the two major WWE shows, after a rather poor show last week, tonight’s show exceeded expectations. Great segments, in which every segment told a story, and segments which built towards furthering those storylines. The Good Sami Zayn Sami Zayn turning heel was a brilliant move ...

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British Invasion; Week 9 (WWPN Special)

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Smark Talk We were recently invited to take part in an episode of the WWPN (Wrestling World Podcast Network) to discuss Wrestling Figure Collecting, Is Brock Lesnar best for business, How they would’ve booked Baron Corbin’s MITB cash in and heels of the WWE. We were joined by another wrestling content ...

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