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Kick Out At 2

WWE Elite Series Hall of Fame Ultimate Warrior


There Is No Place To Run!

At the 1990 Summerslam, The Ultimate Warrior took on Ravishing Rick Rude in a steel cage match. The winner would walk out as the WWF World Heavyweight Champion. Like most of the Warriors match-ups, it was a classic. This Hall of Fame figure is especially relevant as it is based upon his in ring attire from that event.

Combat Is Where We’ll Be!

Much like the Rick Rude figure from last week this was originally a single release & packaged with an accessory. The figure I have in hand bears no difference, it just simply does not come with the World Heavyweight Championship. The pros of getting a 2 pack with a ring slightly (& only just) outweigh the fact that they are minus accessories. If you are able to pick up the original release I highly recommend you do so. It’s the only way you’re going to be able to pick up that Blue strap title. And who doesn’t want that in their collection?

One Of A Kind

Onto the Warrior himself. What can be said about this bonafide legend? he (along with Hulk Hogan and The Macho Man) defined the WWF in the 80s & early 90s. Everything about him was iconic. His entrance was intense, his promos could be compared to the ramblings of a mad man & his look was everything. He was one of a kind that was never to be replicated. With all that said, has Mattel done this figure justice?

The Look

You need not look any further than the head scan to know that this is a damn good figure. The team at Mattel has sculpted his intense and determined face to perfection. The war paint is crisp and surrounded with a thick Black border, giving the neon Yellow and Green extra intensity. Even his hair is layered in color and detail to give it that ultra realistic look. In fact, every color is as bright and bold as it should be. They went all out and pulled it off masterfully.


When speaking with a few collectors (one of whom has quite possibly the best Warrior collection ever) it’s very apparent that this is the Ultimate Warriors best figure. The way in which Mattel represent him in this version is exactly how we all remember him. An absolute must for all figure collectors.



Elite Hall of Fame Ultimate Warrior


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